May 2022 MolMed Mini Symposium


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The mini-symposium is for Faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and project scientists, who have an interest in translational research. Poster presentations are encouraged on the general topics of drug discovery, translational research, and particularly in target identification and validation studies in oncology, neurodegeneration, inflammation, and other disease areas. Poster presentations could spark possible collaboration opportunities with our guests, Ono Pharmaceuticals. 

Advance registration is required.

2022 MolMed Mini Symposium Agenda



Moderated by Maurizio Pellecchia, Ph.D.
Welcome and Introduction
Rodolfo Torres, VC RED
"Splice Modulation of Prolactin Receptor mRNA to Treat Cancers"
Ameae Walker, Ph.D. - UCR
"An Aptameric Inhibitor of DNA Methyltransferase I (DNMT1) and Its Capability in Cell Entry"
Wenwan Zhong, Ph.D. - UCR
"Novel Strategies for Challenging Drug Targets:
Lys-covalent Inhibitors and Protein Degraders"
Maurizio Pellecchia, Ph.D. - UCR
"Immuno-oncology Targets Suited for Small Molecule Approaches"
Michael Pirrung, Ph.D. - UCR
"Target Human Ubl Pathways as a Novel Strategy for Anti-viruses and Anti-cancers with KRAS Mutations"
Jiayu Liao, Ph.D. - UCR
Keynote Presentation:
Open Innovation Activities at Ono Pharmaceuticals - "Interest for Collaboration with Academia"
Ono Pharma USA, Inc.
MRB Incubator Tour & Mini Reception
David Pearson, Ph.D. - UCR
5:00pm Adjourn