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The discoveries from faculty of the center have thus far resulted in commercial agreements with pharmaceutical and biotech companies including Pfizer and Iron Horse Therapeutics.

Internal seed funds are available to advance early translational ideas into pre-clinical studies and/or to accelerate late-stage projects into early drug development activities.

In addition, the Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine is engaging and/or enhancing strategic alliances with neighboring institutions including the Riverside Community Hospital (Riverside), The Desert Region Medical Center (Palm Springs), The City of Hope (Duarte, CA), and the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (Los Angeles, CA) that while sharing the same scientific vision of the Center, contribute to the proposed endeavors with complementary expertise and capabilities.

In addition, a 3,000 square foot incubator space, fully equipped for medicinal chemistry, chemical and cell biology studies will support the translational of the center’s discoveries. The space is being built on the UC Riverside campus and it is anticipated being operative by 2018.

Supporting these activities is the recently launched Entrepreneurial Proof of Concept and Innovation Center (EPIC), which will provide business resources for training, mentors, and connections to investors and partners that will help capitalize the full translation of Center discoveries into novel therapeutics.

For more information on technology transfer and commercialization, please contact: