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2020-2021 Colloquia series


The 2020-2021 MolMed Symposium was postponed due to COVID-19, then transitioned into an online colloquia  "Colloquia in Translational Medicine." The list of colloquia presentations appears below.

From Discovery to the Clinic: How DavosPharma Could Assist • June 8, 2020

Keynote: "From Concept to Clinic"

  • Keynote lecture: Ayyappan R. Nair – head of Discovery Biology at DavosPharma

The Pharmacology of COVID19: Emerging Drug Targets and Drug Discovery Opportunities, Part 1 • June 22, 2020

Keynote: "Discovery of SARS-CoV-2 antvirals through large scale repositioning studies"

  • Keynote lecture: Sumit Chandra, Ph.D., director and professor, Immunity and Pathogenesis Program, Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Center,  Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, La Jolla


  • Nucleoside analogs against the SARS-CoV-2 virus - Michael Pirrung, Ph.D., UC Riverside
  • SARS-CoV2 targets from bioinformatics and structural biology - Adam Godzik, Ph.D., UC Riverside
  • Targeting priming of the S-glycoprotein for possible COVID19 therapeutics - Mauricio Pellecchia, Ph.D., UC Riverside
  • Targeting host factor SUMOylation for COVID-19 treatment with multiple mechanisms - Jiayu Liao, Ph.D., UC Riverside

The Pharmacology of COVID19: Emerging Drug Targets and Drug Discovery Opportunities, Part 2 • June 29, 2020

Keynote: "Targeting Coronaviral Proteases with Broad-Spectrum, Small Molecule Drugs"

  • Keynote lecture:  Andrew Mesecar, Purdue University


  • Insights into Dynamics of Inhibitor and Ubiquitin-like Protein Binding in SARSCoV-2 Papain-like Protease - Chia-en Chang, Ph.D., UC Riverside
  • Aiding the SARS-Cov-2 detection through emerging CRISPR-Cas genome editing systems - Giulia Palermo, Ph.D., UC Riverside
  • Targeting SARS-Cov-2 Nsp-13 Helicase by Fragment-Based Drug Discovery - Jeff Perry, Ph.D., UC Riverside

Covalent Drugs in Oncology - Part 1 • July 27, 2020

Keynote: "The Discovery of AMG 510 (Sotorasib), a First-in-Class Covalent Inhibitor of KRAS(G12C)"

  • Keynote lecture: Dr. Brian Lanman, principal scientist at Amgen


  • Developing Covalent Protein Drugs via PERx - Lei Wang, PhD -  professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of California, San Francisco
  • Translating Research into Commercial Potential: Resources from OTP - David Pearson, PhD

Covalent Drugs in Oncology - Part 2 August 3, 2020

Keynote: "Activity-based proteomics - target and ligand discovery on a global scale"

  • Keynote lecture: Benjamin Cravatt, Ph.D., professor and Gilula Chair of Chemical Biology,  Department of Chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute

Targeted Protein Degradation with Bifunctional Molecules: how PROTACs work - Part 1 • November 30, 2020

Keynote: "Hacking protein-protein interaction networks with small molecules"

  • Keynote lecture: Michelle Arkin, PhD, University of California, San Francisco

Targeted Protein Degradation with Bifunctional Molecules: how PROTACs work - Part 2 • December 15, 2020

Keynote: "Targeted Protein Degradation with Small Molecules: How PROTACs work"

  • Keynote lecture: Alessio Ciulli, FRSC, PhD, professor of Chemical & Structural Biology, School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee

PROTACs Technology  • January 25, 2021

Keynote: "Small Molecule Probes of the untapped Proteome: inhibitors, chaperones, degraders, and other things..."

Keynote lecture: Matthias Baud, PhD, University of Southampton